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At StoriesWithHoles.com, we offer a wide array of gifted and general education resources, including workshops for teachers, parents, administrators, and children. Our mission is to provide challenging resources and successful parenting and teaching techniques to improve writing, math, science, and creative and critical thinking among all children.

"We hope you enjoy our website. The products we offer engage adults and children to increase their critical and creative thinking abilities." -Nathan


SWH Vol.21   <font size="3"color=RED=">NEW</font>
All new stories by Nathan Levy.
Teachers' Guide to Resiliency through the Arts <font size="3"color=RED=">NEW</font>
Improve student learning and school culture with ideas and strategies from 6 art forms that connect life and learning. by Cally Flox, Dr. Melissa Sadin, & Nathan Levy
Brain Whys <font size="3"color=GREEN=">NEW</font>
A Brain Book for Parents and Educators , providing readers with essential background about the structure and function of the brain. By Dr. Cheryl Moretz, Paul Sears, & Nathan Levy
Gifted Children and How Trauma Impacts Them <font size="3"color=RED=">NEW</font>
20 Things Gifted Children Wish Their Teachers and Parents Understood by Adam C. Laningham,Dr. Melisa Sadin, Nathan Levy
Teachers' Guide to Trauma
20 Things Kids With Trauma Wish Their Teachers Knew. By Dr. Melissa Sadin & Nathan Levy
Thinking and Writing for the Brain 2 volumes
These unique books blend quotations and proverbs with critical thinking and writing skills. By Nathan Levy
Riley the Brave
Jessica Sinarski
First Grade
First Grade 75 mini-lessons to teach the essential skills and strategies beginning writers need. This book is an exceptional value for teachers and parents.