If Picasso Went On Vacation
Eric Gibbons and 40 artists
The Interactive Sketchbook
Eric Gibbons - author Dongkui Lin - photograher
The Inspirational Sketchbook: 100 Art Quotes To Illustrate & Educate
Eric Gibbons and Dongkui Lin
If Picasso Had a Christmas Tree<font size="4" color="red">&#9733;</font>
This book is the result of the collaboration of Eric Gibbons and 30 art teachers. They are bringing you 44 works of art: each one includes a Christmas tree in a way that honors the work of an artist.
If Picasso Had a Christmas Tree ( sample page)
If Mondrian had a Christmas tree, are these the colors and shapes you'd see? He too liked to paint with a heavy outline, filling with color all the time... Art by Eric Gibbons and inspired by Mondrian.
If Picasso Went to the Zoo <font size="3" color="  lime">new</font>
Eric GIbbons & 50 Art Teachers
The Nearly Empty Coloring Book by Eric Gibbons
Each page has a suggestion for a drawing project. There are over 100 different suggestions.
Vincent's Starry Night and Other Stories: A Children's History of Art  <font size="3" color="  lime">new</font>
Michael Bird (Author), Kate Evans (Illustrator)