Workshop Information

At Stories With Holes, we are committed to fostering lifelong learning by providing resources and professional development opportunities to children and adults alike. Our expert team, led by International Speaker, Author, and accomplished Gifted Educator, Nathan Levy, can tailor make presentations that directly fit the needs of your school, business or organization. With over 35 years in Gifted Education, our dynamic team of presenters bring unique and varied perspectives on both the nature and needs of Gifted and Talented students. Attendees walk away with new ideas and problem solving techniques that can be applied the very next day at home, work, or at school. Our hands on, interactive workshops offer the perfect setting to gain access to practical strategies that meet the needs of our gifted children, and those across all learning spectrums.

Our team of workshop administrators include: Miriam Adderholdt, Allison Brown, Joseph Gulino, PhD, Donna Johnson, PhD, Nathan Levy, Mitch Maguire, Carol O’Brien and James Singagliese, PhD

Some topics include:

•Critical and Creative Thinking in the Classroom.

•Unlocking the Learning Potential of Gifted and Highly Able Students.

•Reaching Hard to Reach Children.

•Powerful Strategies to Help Students with Special Needs Be More Successful.

•Helping Children Be Better Thinkers and Learners.

•Practical Ideas for Fostering Critical and Creative Thinking.

•Practical Ideas for Improving Writing and Critical Thinking in Gifted Children.

•Powerful Strategies to Enhance the Learning of Gifted and Highly Able Students.

• Advancing Leadership Skills -Managing Conflicts, Making Decisions, Problem Solving-Creating a Quality School.

•P is for Perfect: Understanding and Coping with Perfectionism in Children .

•Social and Emotional Issues for Gifted and Highly Able Children.

•Practical Ways to Improve the Teaching of Math.

•Practical Ways to Improve the Teaching of Science.

•Social and Emotional Needs.

For more information, help in selecting resources, or to book a dynamic workshop tailored to your needs, please call 732-605-1643 or email us at